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Hi there! I'm Crystal Walker (pronouns she/they), a compost enthusiast, educator, and consultant. I have over 4 years of experience curating compost through trial & error and personal research. For the past 3 years, I’ve spent time educating folks about the importance of creating this nutrient-dense elixir. I am an Oklahoma County Master Composter and Master Gardener. My ultimate aim is to aid & encourage folks to return their waste to the Earth through composting, ultimately cultivating a space to build decadent soil and grow healthy foods.

Compost Fairy Services

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1-1 Compost Consultation

Virtual & In-Person

Backyard Compost Class

Virtual & In-Person

Vermicompost Class

Digital Compost Resource Guides

1-1 Compost Consultation

Let me, help you 🧚🏾‍♂️

I’m so excited to begin offering 1-1 compost consultations! What exactly is a compost consultation you may ask? It’s a time to get down and dirty and uncover your deep composty desires. We’ll figure out which systems work best for YOUR setup and lifestyle. Depending on your consultation route, I’ll provide you with a detailed “Compost Plan of Action” (CPA) that’ll take you step by step through your composting journey.

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Digital Compost Resource Guides

These guides give you step-by-step guidance on how to begin composting.

Backyard Composting

Great resource for learning the ins and outs of traditional backyard composting.

Vermicomposting 101

This helpful resource is for those wanting to get started with composting with worms, but unsure of the basics.

Bokashi Fermentation

Awesome resource for getting a good understanding of bokashi fermention and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Learn more & Purchase them here

Bio Compost Sack

Virtual and In-Person Backyard Composting Classes

Virtual Backyard Composting Class

Eager to compost in your backyard, but unsure where to start? This class is perfect for you.

New class date soon :)

In-Person Backyard Composting Class

Join me and discover a few ways you can use your waste for good. Unsure where to start? You’re in the right place.

Date coming very soon :)

Virtual and In-Person Vermicomposting 101 Classes

Virtual Vermicomposting Class

Ever wanted to compost, but found yourself limited on space? Vermicomposting may be the solution for you.

New date coming soon :)

In-Person Vermicompost Class

Join me in learning about our worm friends and building a bin for you to leave with.

Sign up for this class coming soon! :)

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Compost Consultations


Compost Classes


Digital Resources


General Questions

Compost Consultation

FAQ & Answers

Who would benefit from a compost consultation?

A consultation would be Ideal for someone who wants 1-1 support starting their compost journey or needing specific help with a specific compost Issue. It’s ideal for everyone :).

Why do consultations cost more than classes?

Due to the 1-1 personalized nature of the consultations and the time it takes to make the Compost Plan of Action, these are a little more than the other services.

What is the Compost Plan of Action?

The Compost Plan of Action (CPA) is a personalized step-by-step guide to help you either start or continue composting. It’s detailed and ideal for those who need a concrete compost plan.

I live in OKC. Can I still chose the virtual compost consultation option?

Of course babe! We could be neighbors and still meet virtually. In-person is mainly if you want me to physically see the space and want 1-1 help setting it up.

Can we do more than one consultation?

Absolutely! At this point I’d recommend 1-1 coaching services which can be discussed once we reach that point.

Compost Classes

FAQ & Answers

Who would benefit from a compost class?

Anyone! Especially if you’re more comfortable in a group setting. The classes are super informative and bubbling with information.

Why do in person classes cost more than virtual classes?

In-person classes will be more hands-on and will involve having the opportunity to take materials home. Due to the cost of these materials and time to prepare them, the price is a little higher.

Are the classes capped?

In-person classes will be capped at 10-15 participants and virtual will be capped at 20 so that there’s time for questions, answers, and collaboration.

I wasn’t able to sign up for the class. Will there be more?

Yes! These aren’t one-and-done classes, they will be happening regularly. If you miss one, there will definitely be others.

I live in OKC. Can I still choose the virtual class option?

Yes! In-person is mainly if you want to physically see the compost space, set up, and if you want to take materials home.

Are the classes interactive?

Yes! You’ll have opportunities to answer questions, bounce ideas off classmates, and ask questions for me or the group to answer.

Digital Resources & General

FAQ & Answers

Who would benefit from a compost digital resource?

Anyone! These resource guides are a great jumping point for getting to know the ins and outs of certain compost systems. They’re inexpensive and can be like a lil go to pocket resource.

Can I buy a digital resource, attend a class, and do a 1-1 consultation?

Absolutely! They work well on their own, but even better together.

Can I share the digital compost resource with others?

No🥲. While I am all for sharing, I did work extremely hard on these guides. I’m not asking for much, but would appreciate you guiding others to purchasing one for themselves (or gifting them!) instead of sharing it.

Why are you charging for compost information?

Great question! While I love posting videos and sharing compost education, it is a huge labor of love and takes a lot of my time. Therefore, I’m at a point where I’d like to be paid just a little for my knowledge and make this my life’s work. Under capitalism, I can’t do that without charging something hence why these services come at a cost.

Will you still post your regular content?

Of course babes! The compost party has not stopped! I’ll still post my regular content, answer comments, and share resources.

Hold on sis, where’s the bokashi class?

Don’t worry, I ain’t forget about dear old Bokashi! She’s coming ;).

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